Bordados Porno, Pedro Morales. Virtual Reality Project 2007

Bordados Porno is an investigation about virtual reality through stereograms. It consists of 16 digital stereograms; hand made using as support industrially produced household items, of the kind that populate our lives by the hundreds: shirt buttons, rubber bands, glass beads, wiggle eyes, cross stitch thread. The images have been processed using 3D application software, then materialized on fabrics using those materials. The work has been conceived to be digital up to the assembling of the stereograms: the final product are handcrafted objects made using ancient embroidery techniques to recreate virtual reality. The stereogram gives me an interesting path into virtual reality and fractal geometry, for it develops the possibilities of a surface to the fullest. The 3D scenes shown in this work are sculptures depicting sexually explicit positions taken from the Kama Sutra.

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